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DJ and singer Kelly Divan was born in Aspen, Colorado and raised in Dallas, Texas. She moved to Los Angeles when she was 18 for ‘college’ but was really in L.A. to pursue a career as a singer. Divan was initially an R&B singer producing NeoSoul tracks. Divan was noticed at Amagi, Los Angeles’ oldest karaoke bar, and was hired to perform with Gnarls Barkley on their performance on the 49th Annual Grammy Awards. 

The creative and technical sides of the music industry were as intriguing as the performance side, so Divan attended UCLA for recording engineering and songwriting. Divan has worked in several major studios in L.A. alongside multi-platinum producers such as Jeffrey Weber, David ‘Rainman’ Banta, Barry Goldberg, and Michael Lloyd.

The changing landscape of the music industry influenced Kelly. She began going to clubs at the age of 15, which played top 40, hip hop, and disco. Eventually, Divan began going to clubs that spin EDM instead of Hip Hop and, after a couple years, she began to fall in love with House music. Kelly Divan was always an avid dancer at any establishment that played music, and Divan decided after spending a few years in the EDM scene that she should DJ. Divan’s focus as a DJ is to play music from a dancer’s perspective for the people on the dance floor. Further, Divan was yearning to write and sing House music, so she decided to fully dedicate her efforts to writing and producing House, Tech House, and Progressive House. 



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